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E-Commerce Retailers


Chala Group, Inc. is committed to working with retailers like you in furthering our relationship together and promoting Chala Handbags in your stores and online stores. Together we must strive to build up and maintain customer confidence in our products. We wish to protect customers from perplexing price differences between stores which can potentially hurt the perceived quality of our brand and profit of all businesses involved.

We want to work with accounts that offer excellent customer service and support for our products. Our wish is for Chala Handbags to be a brand that customers want to own and are confident about price consistency no matter where they go.

For that, we have implemented a Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") Retail Policy to protect the Chala Handbags brand and ensure our development as a quality manufacturer of handbags and other accessories. We reserve the right to not support or sell to retailers who advertise products at a price lower than our MAP pricing. Our MAP policy pricing applies to all advertisements, including online sales, direct mail advertisements, emails, inserts, flyers, catalogs, magazines, newspaper, broadcast advertising, billboards, or other online and print advertising.

Notice to Amazon Storefront Owners: We sincerely appreciate your desire to further help our brand grow by offering our products through your Amazon Storefront. However, due to an overabundance of Amazon Retailers carrying our line, we are no longer authorizing any new sellers to list our products on any Amazon Marketplace included but not limited to: Amazon - USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and China
Any and all distribution channels in which you plan to sell our line are to be exclusively authorized by Chala Group, Inc. prior to listing. In order to maintain the brand image and quality of Chala Handbags, we do not allow our customers to offer our line on various 3rd party distribution channels such as:,,,,,, or any other website not previously approved by Chala Group, Inc.

All E-Commerce retailers of Chala Handbags are subject to our online selling policies and are to adhere to our guidelines at all times.
To access our MAP Policy, click here.
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